• Moky at home – Success!
    Update on workouts from home
  • Autism Awareness Week – Me
    Autism and Me!
  • March 2021 Update
    I’ve had a lot of enquiries lately about the return to community classes so I thought I’d use my blog as an opportunity to let everyone know the latest news. Since Lockdown One we’ve been doing Live classes online and we’ve really enjoyed growing the offering of programmes and community on  Thank you to …
  • Back Care in Winter
    It was easy to choose this weeks blog topic as so many people at the moment are suffering with injuries/pains resulting from the cooler weather. You may have noticed that you tend to get more aches and pains in winter. Now as a fitness instructor I always ensure we get a good safe warm up …
  • 5 Steps to keep up your Workouts
    Hi, Shameem here, Creator of Moky and my home workout website. Welcome to my first blog post – Shameem Shares. Here I want to share with you my thoughts and advice on fitness, well-being and health. Today for my first post I’ll start with steps to keep up your workouts. Thinking about getting fit …