5 Steps to keep up your Workouts

Hi, Shameem here, Creator of Moky and Shameem.fit my home workout website. Welcome to my first blog post – Shameem Shares. Here I want to share with you my thoughts and advice on fitness, well-being and health. Today for my first post I’ll start with steps to keep up your workouts.

Thinking about getting fit and knowing where to start can be overwhelming. But if you’re reading this you may already be a member of Shameem.fit and have access to all my workouts. But having access isn’t enough. It’s going to take some planning and discipline on your part. So here’s where to start.

Step 1

Have a goal in mind first. For most people this may start with the aim of getting fitter or stronger (or both). Now to truly achieve this goal we need to make it S.M.A.R.T.

For it to be Specific, it needs to be more than “I want to get Fitter”. The 8 Week Moky Challenge is a great way to help with that. Commit to doing 3 or more classes a week for 8 weeks and there you have your SMART goal. It’s specific, measurable and achievable. With our range of workouts to choose from and available any time day or night, it can fit around you. You should be able to squeeze in 3 x 30 minute sessions even on your busiest weeks. It’s realistic and it has a timescale. After 8 weeks we expect you to notice considerable strength and fitness improvements. We recommend taking photos and measurements at the start, then you can see the progress in pictures and numbers (measurable).

Step 2

Now you’ve got your SMART goal, make it easy to do. Make sure your workout space is always ready for you so it doesn’t delay you getting started. Get the best stream you can of the workouts, if you can get it on the TV even better. Stream using a Firestick or Chromecast or your TV browser. Put your workout gear on early (making sure you keep a washed, dried supply ready for your next workout). My washing machine never stops! All these things really help to get that workout done.

Step 3

Schedule in your workouts at the start of each week. Pick the days you know it will be easiest for you with least possible distractions. If you keep an electronic diary put it on there with reminders on it. Then stick to the times you schedule. So even if you don’t feel like it you do it anyway. This is the biggest mistake people can make. They don’t feel like it so they skip it and before you know it they never feel like it. I often don’t ‘feel like it’. Most days I’m exhausted by the evening after a long day in the office then I have the kids to look after, prepare meals, clean, laundry etc. So by 6.30pm I’m ready for a lie down. But I put on my workout gear and I get on with it and the truth is the minute I start I completely forget I felt tired and I love it.

Step 4

Mix up your workouts and use your time wisely. There’s so many to choose from and we want you to be the fittest, strongest version of yourself you can so we offer lots of variety so you’ll never get bored. If you’re short on time do 20 minutes HIIT, even a 15 minute HIIT workout can give you great fitness benefits so start a MokyHIIT or X session to get maximum return on your time.

Step 5

This is the biggie. Don’t give up! Failures will happen, this is life, it never runs smooth. There will always be something that pops up unexpectedly and when that happens, workouts might not take priority. However, if it’s one bad day, it need not turn into a bad week and one bad week need not turn into 8 bad weeks. If things don’t go to plan, don’t beat yourself up, it doesn’t achieve anything. Bounce back! And keep bouncing back because ultimately the comeback is always stronger than the setback!