Hi, I’m Shameem, welcome to the home of Moky. Here it’s easy for you to workout at home and never miss your Moky fix. ( For community classes click here). I created Moky because I believe workouts should be fun, engaging and informative, so we match great instruction to an incredible soundtrack to help you get fitter, stronger and stay engaged with your fitness regime. Find out more about Shameem here.

In the last 10 years I’ve inspired thousands of people into fitness through Moky in the community. Now with Shameem.fit, being online as well means we are reaching even more people. We host both Live and Pre-set workouts and there’s always new challenges, fresh moves and music. Don’t worry about coordination and your current fitness level (or lack of). The workouts are simple for anyone to follow and come with clear instruction.

There several Moky programmes, see the Moky page to learn about each workout and watch Shameem and Mat in action here ⬇️

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