Welcome to Shameem.fit the home of Moky. Shameem set up this website to make it easy for you to workout at home and never miss your Moky fix. Moky workouts are currently not available anywhere else (Boo to Covid). We provide fun, live online workouts and pre-set workouts (Over 50 sessions to choose from) all for one low subscription price.

There are 6 different Moky programmes to choose from which are regularly updated, see the Moky page to learn about the workouts. To subscribe it’s only £24.99 a month, click here for the shop page, simply enter your details and this payment is automatically taken each month, with no tie in period. You are able to cancel anytime by going to the my account tab.

Preview examples of our workouts here ⬇️

It’s easy whether you are a complete beginner to exercise and home workouts or a fitness fantatic as there’s a workout to suit you from MokyZest (ideal for beginners, older adults and those recovering from injury) to MokyX, our most challenging weighted HIIT workout.

With regular participation you will see your fitness and strength improve significantly over the course of a few weeks and the beauty of it you’ll have fun doing it! If you need more advice just contact us and we are happy to help.

Join our Shameem.fit facebook group. Here you will get updates when new content is added and can ask questions or provide feedback and be sure to Like the Moky fb page.

Here you can subscribe to our 6 playlists for only £24.99 a month.