11/04/22 LIIT

As we will be re- introducing Community classes into our schedule we filmed a 45 minute class of what we plan to do for our first class next week. Mostly low impact routines but high cardio and strength so suitable for all. If you have enough time for a longer class do it. 2 new routines and 1 new Amigo!

28/03/22 Live HIIT

The Three Amigo’s hitting it hard! You’ll get your peak minutes in the HIIT then we’ve got tough core thrown in with extra V ups, push ups and finishing with really getting those arms and shoulders. It’s pushing you to your limit so give it a good go and try and make it as far as you can before adapting if you need to. Remember never to stop completely but just adapt and keep moving when you are fatigued!

14/03/22 Live HIIT

Our first post covid HIIT. Fair to say some Covid brain but we smashed it and loved the new content (New band routine). Easier options shown if you can’t manage full high impact so just go at your own pace and enjoy!

7/03/22 New LIVE LIIT

As I’m recovering from Covid thought it was a great opportunity to showcase a new workout. It bridges the gap between Zest and HIIT. Perfect for those who need it easier on the joints or feel HIIT is too much. It’s still fast, it’s very much sweaty, it works the whole body but there’s no jumping and you can slow it down anytime you want by taking the moves half speed. As always let me know your feedback. You’ll need dumbbells, resistance band (optional) and a mat.

21/02/22 Fast Live HIIT

Faster, shorter HIIT and then finishing with a Lateral Raise Challenge so join us as we’ll be doing it at every class this week. You can really push yourself at this class as it’s shorter HIIT section so we want you to get your heart rate high on the high bits and get that calorie burn hours after the workout has finished.

Valentines Live HIIT 2pm

Wow, killer HIIT today! Give it a try and challenge yourself! Even if you slow down the burpees or switch between squats and burpees it’s all great progress. Please watch from the start for the explanation of moves that are coming up – new routines and fab new moves! You’ll need dumbbells too as we mix it up today with hard effort HIIT and strength.